5 Controversial Weight Loss Foods Of Our Time – #3 Will Shock You!

As of today, we have many foods causing controversies as to whether they can help in weight loss or not! 2 week diet brian flatt pdf has highlighted most of those foods and I will like to share some of them with you.

Boiled Potatoes2 week diet brian flatt pdf

White potatoes for examples have fallen out of favor for certain reasons. But yet they have several nutritious components making them a perfect food both for good health and weight loss. This type of potato is said to have some range of several of nutrients, especially those needed for losing weight. We’ve heard countless cases of people living only on potatoes for a very long period of time. You might be wondering why this is so! But I’m sure you never knew that potatoes are very high in potassium which is very good for blood pressure control. Eating white potatoes not only does these things alone, as it also passed the test of making you fuller long enough compared to other types of potatoes. Turnips, sweet potatoes, and some other rooted vegetable are also good choice to choose.

Tuna2 week diet brian flatt pdf

If you care to know another very food low in calorie but high in protein – Tuna is one of them. Tuna is a lean type of fish however it contains little fats in it. For those who are the fitness trainer and bodybuilders, tuna is very much one of their favorites. This is because it is high in protein but low in calorie and fat. If you want to emphasize your protein intake, make choices of tuna contained in water and not oil.

Beans and Legumes2 week diet brian flatt pdf

Some legumes and beans are very beneficial when trying to lose weight. They include kidney beans, black beans, lentils and some other types. Most of these foods are found to be rich in fiber and protein, the two most powerful ingredients to make you reach satiety. Some of the legumes contain also some level of resistant starch. The only problem people have with legumes is the preparatory phase and I guess solving that would only be when you learn the proper measures.

Soups2 week diet brian flatt pdf

Having soups as part of your meal or diets help you control the level of calories you consume. Those foods with low energy density are those containing lots of water, they include; fruits and vegetables. You might need to go for more soups other than solid foods that keep you feeding on more calories more often.

Cottage Cheese2 week diet brian flatt pdf

Dairy products are often said to be extremely high in protein. But one of the best one is the cottage cheese… say calorie for calorie, it has a huge amount of in it but with very few carbohydrate & fat. Devouring reasonable amount of cottage cheese is one of the best ways to incline your protein intake. Cottage cheese is also very satiating, and also makes you remain full even without much of a calorie intake. Dairy products are found to be relatively high in calcium, which is a good fat burning recipe.

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